Last modified: 11/04/2021

I am a full-stack software engineer who studied computer science, computational linguistics and English linguistics in the beautiful city of Heidelberg and live near Karlsruhe, Germany.

My passion is to design and implement scalable architectures for distributed applications with state-of-the-art technologies. I am particular proficient in testing, functional programming and tooling in combination with long-term and large-scale projects, especially in the financial and automotive sector.

I love Asia, in particular Japan and South Korea. Japanese culture and aesthetics is the underlying motive in my work. I strongly believe in simplicity, liberty and professional commitment.

If you are interested about the books I have read so far, how I rate them and what I am currently reading, you can find a list on Goodreads.


I try to address persons in an abstract way without attached gender. Unfortunately, I do not know a fluent manner to use genderless pronouns in my articles and do not want to subscribe to a particular ideology or terminology. So if I use he/his please read it as a gender-neutral pronoun since the related noun is either the genderless role of the person or the word person itself and certainly not meant to exclude anyone.


akullpp@googlemail.com (PGP)