Extract WordPress Posts from SQL


I decided that I didn't need a WordPress blog with SQL database and switched to GitHub pages and Jekyll. Unfortunately, my blog was already down and I only had the SQL backup file left. So here's how you extract WordPress posts from a SQL backup.

Step 1: Import SQL backup:

mysql -u root wp_dump < backup.sql

Step 2: Login:

mysql -u root

Step 3: Use database:

use wp_dump;

Step 4 (optional): Show tables:

show tables;

Step 5 (optional): Show columns in post table:

show columns from wp_posts;

Step 6: Extract title, date and content of all published posts into an external file:

select post_title, post_date, post_content from wp_posts
where post_status like "publish"
into outfile "~/export.txt"
fields terminated by "\n+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++\n"
escaped by "";