Modern Lombok


There are actually only a handful of Lombok annotations that are worth using in a modern Spring Boot application.

Data transfer classes

For requests, responses and DTOs we should use @Value and @Builder:

public class Foo {

  String param1;
  String param2;
  String param3;

This makes the class immutable and forces MapStruct and Jackson to use the builder. The class members will be automatically private final so it even reduces cognitive complexity.

Classes with dependency injection

Constructors for classes that use dependency injection should be omitted, instead you should make the members private final and use @RequiredArgsConstructor. Typically these are services, repositories and controllers:

@FieldDefaults(makeFinal = true, level = PRIVATE)
public class FooComponent {

  OtherComponent other;

Here we also introduce the experimental annotation @FieldDefaults and make the fields private and final which would be included otherwise in @Value.

Classes with inheritance

When it comes to inheritance and immutability we need to be very specific with our annotations and cannot really use a composite annotation.

The parent needs to look like this:

@FieldDefaults(makeFinal = true, level = PRIVATE)
public class Parent {

  String parent;

While the child looks like this:

@EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = false)
@FieldDefaults(makeFinal = true, level = PRIVATE)
public class Child extends Parent {

  String child;

You have to actually need to decide individually if you want to include the super class into the equals and hash methods, so it either code be callSuper = true if you decide it is necessary.


The final annotaion that is commonly used is @Slf4j which sets up a log variable for you to use.