Zod refine with conditional validation
MUI X Data Grid: Many Pages
Conditional Git Configs
Postgres Docker image with Flyway migrations for integration testing
Vercel Monorepo Preview Only Builds
PostgreSQL default suffixes
Building base images for multiple languages and versions
JVM: Lightweight CSV to JSONB persistence
REST and gRPC in parallel
Definitions of Ready and Done
ESLint and CRA
Raw JSON Serialization and Deserialization
Custom Serialization and Deserialization by Annotation
Modern Lombok
Date & Time with Hibernate and Postgres
Spring Validation
Memo: Monorepo
Setup for the Decade: Shell
Setup for the Decade: Basics
Spring: MapStruct & Lombok
Java: Generate Secure Random String
Java: Simple Logging Objects
Spring: Mock Environment
Consumer-driven Development
UUID as silver bullet
Usable ECMAScript Snippets
Five Minute JAM
Load symlinked dependencies with webpack
Multiple SPAs at different paths accessible through a gateway
Spring: Annotation Composition
Notes on Functional Programming III: Functor, Applicative & Monad
Notes on Functional Programming II: Composition & Point-free Style
Predictions 2017
Notes on Functional Programming I: First-class, Pure, Curried Functions
SSH Keys and their permissions
The Third Circle Of Hell: Icon Fonts
Predictions 2016
ESLint Integration
Yeoman Batch Updates in Modular Projects
A Practical Angular Model Layer
Developing Global Node CLI Applications
Predictions 2015
npm shorthands
Extract WordPress Posts from SQL
PDFs with Apache FOP
Multiple SQL Load Scripts
Java EE: Scheduler
Java EE: Generic Data Access
CSS Preprocessors
The Passionate Programmer II: At The Edge with Julia
Interview Questions for Applicants
The Passionate Programmer I: Act On It